Locals in Compton were worried to see a starving and depressed German Shepherd named “Biggie” trapped 20 feet below in a river embankment. The owner who dumped him there didn’t even bother to worry about how the domestic pooch would survive on his own.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Biggie was hopelessly trying to find a way out and hung his head in defeat as he realized there was no way out. When a rescuer from Hope For Paws reached the scene and climbed down, the terrified dog ran away. However, Biggie came around when the rescuer offered him food. Poor thing just broke down in tears in the arms of the rescuer.

By then, many well-meaning local citizens and children had gathered around the huge fencing to cheer for Biggie. Many locals assisted in getting Biggie’s crate carefully to the top. Biggie’s panic slowly eased when he realized that his nightmare was about to end!

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Seeing the whole community’s earnest efforts to get Biggie out of trouble just melted our hearts. We’re glad to learn that he has been adopted into a loving forever home! We hope he forgets the abandonment he faced from the ex-owner whom he trusted so much and lives a life of love from here on.

Click the video below to watch this incredibly difficult rescue of the helpless Biggie!

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