A bone-chilling act of animal cruelty has rocked a neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. As per initial reports, an 18-year-old teen named Kyoko Smith is being accused of allegedly mutilating and killing her grandma’s Shih Tzu named Lucy.

Source: Piqsels

Kyoko’s brutal act came into light when she started circulating graphic pictures of the dead Lucy. It was then discovered that she had not only cut off Lucy’s head, but also stuffed the dog’s mutilated head in a dresser. Later, the cops found that Kyoko had stuffed Lucy’s heart in the freezer.

Many neighbors have come forward to express their concern over Kyoko’s troublesome behavior and her tendency to stalk other dogs. Apparently, Kyoko was “having problems” and her grandmother was helping toward her care. As of now, people from Kyoko’s “last known address” refuse to recognize her. Spread the word and help the cops find and arrest this dangerous woman.

Source: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Update: The cops recently arrested Kyoko after she admitted to Killing Lucy. She has been charged with class E Felony offence of intentionally killing an animal. She is currently out on a bond of $5,000. We hope that her crimes are investigated properly and she gets a fitting sentence. Let’s raise our voices against such gruesome acts of cruelty.

Click the video below to watch a report on this horrific crime and Kyoko’s arrest.

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