Sadly, there are millions of dogs all over the world who are without a home. Whether they are stuck in shelters, or roaming the streets as strays, these dogs are left lonely and depressed without a family to call their own.

One homeless dog, in particular, was left to fend for himself in the cold weather in Criciúma, Brazil. But he stumbled upon the perfect place to seek shelter.

A group of women went to visit their local Nativity scene, when they discovered the pup sleeping peacefully in the manger.

He was curled up next to the baby Jesus figure, trying his best to stay warm.

The women were in awe of the pup and where he chose to lie down.

The heart-warming moment was captured on camera and shared with the world online. It’s safe to say that everyone else is just as touched by this homeless pup as the women who first saw him were.

Hopefully the pictures have helped this pup find a loving home for Christmas, and also serve as a reminder that we should all show some compassion and warmth during this holiday season, especially to animals.

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