Tiny Puppy Bound In Heavy Chains Had No Way Of Escaping The Scorching Hot Sun

Andie, a little ten-week-old puppy was found living amongst piles of trash, chained up to an old cinder block outside in a yard. The heavy chain around her neck weighed more than her tiny, emaciated body.

She was forced to withstand the scorching heat with no shade to escape from the sun. She was starving, which was obvious by the sight of her ribs poking out of her sides, and on top of that, she had mange.


No dog should ever have to endure this kind of torture, but these awful conditions are the only way of life that this little pup had ever known.

Andie cried out for help, but no one listened. Eventually, PETA stepped in to save the day. She was given proper medical attention and vets made sure to clear up her mange and get her weight up as soon as possible.

Today, Andie looks like a whole new pup! She has a beautiful thick coat, a full tummy, and finally knows what it’s like to live comfortably indoors!

Andie was adopted by a loving family who also has two other dogs, Apollo and Artemis. Andie enjoys running around and playing with them, and she even has a new favorite toy that she takes everywhere.

The first ten weeks of Andie’s life may have been brutal, but she won’t ever have to live that way ever again. Now she can sleep on a cozy couch instead of on scorching hot pavement. She also gets showered with love and treats and has no more reason to cry!

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