A 27-year-old man in the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Scottsdale, faces animal cruelty charges after authorities say he stabbed his certified service dog over 100 times before cutting its neck. Police say Jacob Bushkin killed the four-year-old Golden Retriever, named Cub, at his home and then dumped his body into a garbage can.

After discovering the dog’s body, Bushkin’s family took it to a local veterinarian to determined the cause of death. The veterinarian called 911 and explained what happened to the animal. Apparently this wasn’t the first time the dog suffered from cuts to its body.

Source: azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ/YouTube

“It’s clearly been killed with a knife…with a knife wound…several knife wounds,” the vet told the emergency dispatcher.

The vet was concerned that the person who killed the dog would then do the same to a human being. He reported the family was not certain who to turn to, as they worried about the fate of their adult son.

A necropsy revealed over 100 stab wounds to the dog’s body before its neck was cut. Officials believe a knife and screwdriver-type object were used in addition to a metal rake.

Police records reveal Bushkin stated he let Cub outside, fell asleep, and then went to let the dog back in hours later, but it was dead.

Source: azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ/YouTube

Police found different items of evidence in Bushkin’s home and yard including bloodied dog hair. Bushkin’s roommate told police Bushkin’s family allowed him to break his lease due to “concerns for Jacob’s mental health.”

Bushkin was arrested and charged with two felonies including killing a service animal and animal cruelty.

More details about this disturbing case may be seen in the video below.

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